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Web3 Institutional Whisperers

The crypto community started with evangelical true believers, now considered ‘Original Greats’ in a multi-trillion dollar (equivalent) digital economy. Speculative retail capital has continued to dominate the crypto ecosystem so far, with the unpopular volatility that entails.

Consequently, OGs and ‘plebs’ (newcomers) alike all seek validation and stability from the credibility of professional institutions. “When the institutions come in..” a common prediction in the crypto influencer community “..the market will soar”.

Due Diligence

The good institutional news is that consistent annual growth has culminated in crypto firmly appearing on the institutional radar in 2021. The bad news for 2022 is the professional assessment process which institutions use before committing significant investment in speculative new asset classes. As part of their crypto due diligence, Fortune 500, Global 2000 and other capital-rich institutions currently struggle with:

  1. Hype: The barrage of shilling by most crypto currencies, DeFi and NFT projects present a challenging Signal to Noise ratio barrier for institutions to navigate past

  2. Breathtaking breadth and pace of web3 innovation: NFT marketplace variety, the cambrian explosion of DeFi offerings, the tokenization of large communities before, during and after product launches, via new L1 blockchain consensus algorithms and L2 optimization technologies, all exhibit more complexity than any prior disruptive trend - tech or otherwise. The multi-subject matter domains of new and old expertise required here challenges even top teams of professional analysts

  3. Tribalism: Toxic Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Shib and other ‘Maxis’ draw large evangelical followings and foster infighting within the crypto ecosystem between various coins and projects. This civil war era must stop for institutions to finally gain the confidence of conviction to meaningfully invest in the crypto ecosystem.

Purposeful Outcomes

We are the ‘institutional whisperers’. We speak their language. As #wagmas (“we’re all gonna make a summit”) our community goals emphasize inclusion, rationalization and optimal integration of crypto and web3 into our current social, economic and governance systems. Consistent with that purpose, the wagmas strive to demystify the 3 due diligence barriers above in order to unleash the massive attainable web3 potential of prosperity for all.

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran in crypto, an institutional or individual actor, we welcome you all to the conversation! Join us on Twitter, Discord or Instagram to start - and May 18th at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego to make the biggest impact!

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