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2022 Expert Predictions for NFTs + More...

Stephanie So, Founder of Geeq

If 2022 is anything like last year, we're in for a wild ride in the exciting world of web3. With all the sensational headlines, it's easy to lose the signal in the noise. At web3summit + collective, we're committed to discovering the truth, parsing out what's truly important, and de-hyping the hype.

For trustworthy guidance on what we can expect in the next 12 months, we turned to one of our community gurus, Stephanie So. Stephanie is a tech entrepreneur and founder + CDO of web3 startup Geeq. She had a lot to say about NFTs, web3, tokenization and gas prices. Here's just one of the little gems she shared in her predictions for 2022:

"Along with NFTs and web3, there are enthusiastic references to tokenizing everything. I interpret this to mean that the popular imagination is moving from trying to create forms of currency to create items to own (and sell) down to a tweet. Even if the frictions of creating and enforcing ownership of tokens are resolved substantially this year, there is still the problem of how to make payments for them on-chain at scale."

You can read the full article here:

For more from Stephanie, be sure to join us at the web3summit May 18-20 where Stephanie will be one of our featured speakers.

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